everydays products made in germany.


life is rough and cozy.

every day has it's rough and cozy situations. i guess we need both, rough times and cozy moments to value life, to feel and be real. my products are simple and reduced everydays products, like simple clothes, some small furnishings and useful accessories. and somehow my products are rough and cozy, too. rough & kozy. tertium non datur.



taking the time products need to be good i try to meet some standards. fair produced. a small carbon footprint. treating people good. both customers and partners. R&K isn't about meeting all these standards but trying to be as near as possible. developing and working out these products takes its time. so please be patient with my pace. it's slow.


trying to be reliable.

as a professional designer i try to deliver ideas and designs that work. to transport content in a transparent manner. as i stumble through life i try to be a good father, husband and friend. and i'm hooked on denim, leather, motorcycles, good old times (more an idealistic idea of those, to be honest), ingenious ideas and attentive crafted products. and i'm constantly trying to be even more reliable.


RK A0101.

as the number already may tell, this is the very first product for my own personal shop. the beginning. listening to a brilliant song called too many chiefs written and performed by artist and one of my favorite musicians brant bjork i remember this old saying from the 30s (or even earlier) that might not be totally political correct but transports a meaning which is still pretty actual nowadays. I fell in love with this saying, wich is funny, true and universal. thus, i was wondering if it would be a good connection using it with an old WW II stencil machine on a military tee. if you think there are too many people out there wearing brass, trying to tell others what to do not doing very much on their own and there should be more people digging it out, this tee might be a garment for you, too. check it out, bro. 

TEE    grey ghost

RK A0102.

the second tee is a reminiscence of an us navy fighter squadron during world war 2 (vf-3) aboard the uss enterprise (cv-6) amongst others. felix the cat, still used by us navy fighters (vf-31), was born 1919 (created by cartoonist otto messmer) and later adopted (not only) by the navy unit. beside this military background felix is one of the most known cartoon characters and worth to be printed on a tee, anyway. he is smart, has morals and most of it, he is lucky (felix, lat.). right-ee-o! my stencil version shows felix simply ready for new adventures. in this sense: we get ours at night.



applying the design by using a stencil is printing in a very traditional manner. the particular tool used here is an original 1940s IDEAL stencil machine which produces one inch letters, made of oil cardboards. figure it out.



the paint is applied by hand using the stencil and a squeegee. then it needs to be tempered to fix the color. due to the thick cardboard the print tents to vary in thickness and breaks here and there through wearing. with more washings the color will fade slightly. this is typically for the old marking process and gives every garment its own appeal.

take a look at the process by pushing the printing button.



a glimpse into the ticketing process.

i like the old paper luggage tags. and i like stamps a lot.

guessing, if both work good together.

what do you think?